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Antonio Insuasti

Antonio Insuasti

Solutions Architect, developer, Dad of 2 , Gnu/Linux user @work Solutions Architect & some days QA of production environment ;)

About Me

Antonio Insuasti is a Software Engineer passionate for technology. :) Right now he is working as a Solutions Architect at Banco Pichincha where he is responsible for the design of the software architecture and represents it in the C4 model; these applications are made for internal and external clients.
Antonio loves to work and to give consulting services at inclusive environments where every idea is well received. He prefers places where people can create technological solutions to daily problems of our society. He likes to share his knowledge and experiences to create new solutions for business problems. He is well trained to work with teams, as well as to develop his activities in work in objectives and results. Antonio likes speed and motorcycles. He loves to read science, sci-fi, management, and literature. He loves to travel, to know different places and cultures. He is sociable, respectful and a pets’ lover.



Red Hat Enterprise Linux | Red Hat Virtualization with Xen, KVM and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization | Mail transfer and delivery (sendmail, postfix, dovecot, etc.) | E-mail security with SpamAssassin and ClamAV | Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) | Public Key Infrastructure and digital certificates with OpenSSL | Web services with Apache | Mail Collaboration with Zimbra | CI/CD with CircleCI Jenkins Bitrise GoCD | Administration of Gitlab and Github | Java maven and gradle | Jfrog Artifactory Administration | Google Cloud Administration


Java(SpringBoot and Microprofile) | Python | JavaScript | React-Native | OpenApi/Swagger v2 and v3. | API Managers (API Develop and Administration of Apigee and 3scale) | Microservices Architecture | Git related softwares like: Github, Gitlab, BitBucket


Agile Methodologies (Scrum / Kanban)
Mentoring & Coaching Dev Groups